Summer Camp Planning Calendar

Summer Camp Planning Calendar
Below are some important dates to remember in planning for Summer Camp 2016.

October 2017
(1st step) $250.00 Campsite Registration Fee is due to the Chattahoochee Council: George & Jo Service Center.
Popcorn Fundraiser – Raise money for camp by participating in the Council Popcorn Fundraising event this fall.
Participate in the Camp Card Program in March so Scouts can earn their way to camp.

November 2017
Set aside one troop meeting to discuss summer camp programs and select courses for each Scout to take. Use the Course Planning Worksheet found in the forms section of your program guide to obtain each Scout’s desired schedule.

January 2018
Collect your first payment of campers’ fees $63.75 per Scout In-Council ($67.50 Out of Council). Remember, you must have a $100 deposit per youth to sign them up for classes in April.

February 2018
(2nd step) Collect 2nd payment of $63.75 per Scout In-Council ($67.50 Out of Council).

March 2018
(3rd Step) Collect 3rd Payment of $63.75 per Scout In-Council ($67.50 Out of Council).

April 2018
(4th step) Collect 4th payment $63.75 per Scout In-Council ($67.50 Out of Council). Online registration opens to sign the youth up for their Merit Badge classes and excursions (remember, you must have a $100 deposit per youth sent in to the Council to be able to register Scouts for their classes). Collect any additional payments from Scouts needed to cover Merit Badge Fees.
Reminder – If all fees are paid in full by May 1st, your unit will get a Free Camp FGL T-shirt.

May 2018
Collect all paperwork needed for Summer Camp (tour permits, MB homework, Annual Medical Forms, etc)

June 2018
Camp Starts – Prepare to arrive at Camp on the Sunday starting your week between 1pm and 5pm for check in and swim check. Any other remaining fees are due upon arrival at Camp.

Staff Week  May 27– June 1
FGL Week 1   June 3 – 9
FGL Week 2  June 10 – 16
FGL Week 3  June 17 – 23