Camp Program

We believe that summer camp should, at its core, be fun, all the while providing both Scouts and Leaders with opportunities for advancement and learning. Each weekday at Camp FGL is split into two parts – day activities and evening activities.

During the Day

Camp FGL has 3 different experiences available for Scouts during the day. Scouts will get to choose an experience from the following 3 programs.

  • Merit Badge Program: Summer camp is a great way to earn merit badges. Scouts enjoy our small class sizes and knowledgeable instructors. Camp FGL offers over 50 exciting merit badges. Our newest program area, “STEM University”, is where Scouts can choose from several different merit badges, many of which are STEM related including two NOVA Awards,  in a classroom environment. We are also offering select activity classes that Scouts can take during the day.
  •  C.O.P.E. & Climbing: C.O.P.E. (Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience) is a series of  group initiative games which help build Trust, Teamwork, Leadership, Communications, Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Self-Esteem. Some activities involve a group challenge while others will test an individuals’ skills and agility. C.O.P.E. is ideal for emphasizing group synergy, developing trust, and leadership skills. Climbing is not a sport that requires tremendous muscular strength; it demands mental toughness and the willingness to practice hard to master skills. Those Scouts taking Climbing will get to experience climbing and rappelling on our 50-foot climbing tower. Scouts will be able to choose between taking both C.O.P.E. and experiencing our 50-foot Climbing and Rappelling Tower or taking C.O.P.E. -OR- Climbing and also taking their choice of merit badges.
  • First Year Camper (FYC): One of the highlights of a brand new Scout is going through Camp FGL’s First Year Camper program. We have two options for those new to Scouting and/or new to camping – FYC: Tenderfoot & Second Class and FYC: First Class. Our goal is to get Scouts prepared for the Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class ranks. Our First Year Camper program is led by friendly instructors who will see to it that each Scout’s first time at camp is a great one.

FGL Nights

Nights are awesome at Camp FGL. All Scouts and Adult Leaders have many opportunities for fun and advancement at night. Campers will be able to participate in many inter-Troop competitions, training for Youth and Adults, and of course, our exciting campfires and so much more.

Just for Leaders

Camp FGL is fun for leaders as well. We offer many different program opportunities for Leaders such as our Leader’s Only Shoot, Scoutmaster’s Lounge, Appreciation Dinner, training courses, and much more.